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Remember back when everything was easy? Girls were taught that boys had cooties.. Back when everyone looked forward to nap time and recess. And the only things you really worried about were: who you were going to play with at recess, who’s recess snack was yummier and who was going to be the leader in whatever game everyone decided to play. That was back in a time when you would look up at older teens and say “wow someday ill be like them..” But you wouldn’t know the half of it. When your older you have so much more to worry about, even if its superficial. Girls worry about who’s looking or talking bout them and why, they think tall guys and they worry who might ask them to the next dance, they worry about their grads and their future and they worry about their struggles withe their family and most importantly finding out where they fit in and who they really are… Guys often worry about things like competing for girls attention and who’s better at a certain sport, where they are going to college, things that go on in their family he finding out who they are going to be. When you a young you are so naive. You don’t realize those people you look to could have a whole story of their own that no one really knows. When your young you don’t realize that things change when your older that affect who you were when you were younger and who you are going to become… We sometimes with we double go back into me and change the outcome of events in a particular way but those events, problems, people you met of lost, the people who meant more than just friends have helped you along the way to finding out who you are going to be.


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